Crucial NVME 1TB SSD m2 Unboxing | Singapore Product | Best for Mac Air Upgrade | Techobia

In this Big Billion Day Sale, I purchased this one with 10% off with an HDFC card and upgraded my Mac Air 2017 model with the same for which I will make a separate video to show you the entire process and step by step walkthrough.

After receiving this product I got confused that it is original or not because wherever I was looking for images or videos everywhere it is mentioned Malaysia whereas SSD NVME which I received has written product from Singapore and then finally It’s clear it’s original.

I am uploading this video if someone is looking for a Singapore product and got confused like me so here it is unboxing of Original 1TB NVME SSD m2 drive which is also compatible with convertor to use inside MAc 2012 – 2017 versions and Great upgrade in such a price.

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