Install Xampp / Lamp on Linux Mint Ubuntu cli | Fix permission issues | Use it like server

This video is a step by step guide for
1) How to install Xampp in Linux Mint 16, 17 or 18 or
2) How to install linux on Ubuntu 14.04 14.10 15.10 or 16.04 16.10 distro’s
3) PHPMYADMIN fix to access and make its URL accessible on network.
4) User and Group fix, no permission issue
5) FTP default user change
6) Use your Xampp installation as server for machines on local network
7) Laravel install ready

so you can get the maximum benefit of your installation and also use it as server on you local network with an ease to modify files on your machine from GUI as well.

Sometime to install xampp in mint or xampp in Ubuntu is like a mess but here using these methods xampp in mint is an easy process and you will install xampp in mint as a professional.

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