TP-Link Gigabit Switch Review and Tips | TL-SG1005D | 2018

This unit of TP-Link SG1005D, I purchased it my self as I was looking for some portable which is easy to carry gigabit switch so I can make transfer between my machines at approx 100Mb of data per second. So I decided to go with this one, a few people suggested me that it has some disconnectivity issue and suggested me Netgear but as of looks and small and compact size I would like to give it a try and I ordered same and to be honest no disconnectivity or data dropdown while transferring. It is cheap as well compare to other units as it cost me around Rs.1150 to Rs.1200 from Amazon India which is equivalent to approx $18 – $20 and in this video I provided one tip by using which you can power it from USB and links are here for everything like switch, that USB to 5volt/9volt or 12 Volt cable.

5 Port Tp-lInk Gigabit switch:

USB to 9 volt cable:

I will make some other videos on bets portable USB gigabit ethernet adaptor as I almost tried a lot and now have best with me as well best Cat cables or CAT7 as well if you would like to use.

In this TL-SG1005D 5 port switch in the box, you will get One 9volt adaptor which is pronounced wrong in the video as 12volt, Switch, and User Manual

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