USB 3.0 Hub + Gigabit Ethernet #Ugreen review – best for Surface Pro and Mac Devices

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As today while working I had a though while using one of my product (Usb 3.0 HUB + Gigabit Ethernet) from Ugreen that I almost have 50+ products now from ugreen which includes different type of cables, connectors, gadgets and other tools which can be used with PC or Mobile. When I was looking on YouTube I didn’t find much of those products and there are several reviews yet. I though it good idea to make videos on all of those and might be these will be help if someone is looking for similar product or review. First I would like to say that this video is not sponsored and I am not getting paid for this video. Since the day I started using this brand product I liked their product quality and I ordered wherever there products are available like audio cables, splitter, X Y splitter, USB extension, HDMI cables, USB audio card, USB 3 Extension, USB gigabit ethernet, CAT 7 cables, USB to SATA cables, Velcro, USB c to 3.0, and much more

I already explained lot so stuff let start reviewing this product after this last line that I used to purchase all this products form and these products are shipped from China and from this trusted seller I will provide you the link I usually get it in 14 days with free shipping. Now start the review.

As prior using this product USB 3.0 to 3.0 Hub and Gigabit switch I was using one generic one which was also imported form china using and that costed me around $10 or $12 and ahs Realtek chip controller for gigabit LAN as while using that I found major 2 problems sometime disconnected automatically when not in use where from setting all settings were modified to prevent it to go to sleep and other when I was using it Surface Pro 4 or Mac Air after waking the machines from sleep I was not getting connected automatically Using LAN and same to the connected USB devices whereas Transfer speed on Gigabit and USB 3.0 devices were fine. I have to disconnect it form USB and have to reconnect it again to make it working whereas while using this product I like mainly everything

1) Even when system is coming out of the sleep Surface pro 4 or mac products it automatically get connected to LAN and USB devices

2) It has individual Light indicators for connected USB devices

3) In LAN it has no indicator light but is using chip from AXIX which perform exceptionally well and perform awesome always

4) It has additional power adaptor support if you are using devices which need additional power.

5) Vey compact in design and length of wire is appropriate to settle it on desk even if you are using it with Surface Pro 4

6) Built quality well and as of such beautiful design you can use it as hub or buy on hub version with no ethernet if you would like to use it under your desk with 3M tape to extend the length to reach out it to PC you can use USB .30 Extension and length to which is also customizable while purchasing

Personally I found no drop in disk to disk transfer even both disk are connected to it like I tested it with one Samsung 850 EVO SSD and other Corsair Flash GT 256 GB Flash SSD drive connected both to this hub and also tested transfer with multiple machines on Gigabit like one was connected directly to this hub using CAT 7 and TP Link 5 port gigabit switch further connected and one of the machine connected to same router while other connected to router to which this tplink router is connected and I also most got 87 to 98 Mbps every time while transferring data

I hope I almost covered everything form my experience but still if you found anything not covered please ask me in comments I would be happy to answer. I am also planning to make videos on almost all the products which I have from Ugreen and will explain the procedure as well that how to purchase it from mainly if you are from India as these are available on as well but there price is normally 1.5 x than real price on and product listing by ugreen verified seller

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