Best tools for Screen recording, editing and Audio on old Machines – linux Mint

I have one old system in Office which is a core2duo laptop 2 GHz T5450 for which I would like to keep it on Mint for production purposes so I installed Mint 19 which didn’t perform well as it has very slow boot time around 5 to 10 min where system already has Samsung 120 GB 750Evo SSD so I have to replace it with Mint 18.3 which is running fine with no boot issues. Then during some chat, I have to capture the screen recording and have to send it to the client and I tried to use OBS which is no doubt number one choice which gave me some error of “Graphics card initialize” which I resolved by some command from terminal and runs it but still it was using very high CPU even with very low setting only configured for screen recording.

Then I used my previous research for which I didn’t create any video on it so I thought at least make an article on it, might be it helps someone who is looking for this information.

I am using Kazam as screen recording software which is available in Software library and for Audio Audacity whereas already installed FFmpeg so in case if any software need that as library and using KDE Live as open source editor which works well as it has all features with very less CPU load while rendering and in KAZAM you can use custom framerate up to 60 fps whereas I used 25fps which is quite good enough. If you want to take screenshots and want to make simple changes in those without high CPU usage then you can use Shutter. This makes it a complete package. This thumbnail is created in Shutter

KDE LIVE, Audacity, KAZAM, Shutter

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