Use Alexa Echo Dot as a Bluetooth receiver for you normal wired headphones

I am using products from both companies Google and Amazon: Chromecast 2 HDMI and google home mini and from amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Gen and Fire Stick Full HD.

No doubt as these both are available in the same price range whereas Google Products are available from Flipkart and Amazon from

As compared to functionality I can say Firestick is far far better and if you avoid ok google and wide range of songs on youtube Music if you are a premium user then Alexa is not intelligent in this term even you are an amazon prime user.

I will make a detailed video on this later. However, this video is all about how you can use Alexa as bluetooth receiver and connect your wired headphones to those and take the privilege of using those wireless with you TV, Mobile or whatever device you need to use these in such a manner.

In this video, I showed how to configure it as a bluetooth speaker from your firestick, pairing process, and explained this feature.

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