What is working – what is not : MacOs Catalina 10.15 stable release

As we all know the stable release of Catalina is available to update and many of us are also facing issues like at the time of upgrade download broke, even sometimes it broke at a very last moment.

Another common factor which you might also know is that in Catalina 10.15 Mac Os now we can’t use 32-bit software.

So as being a creator I also mentioned that which particular software’s I was using and which work fine after the upgrade and which one I found not working

Audacity is not working and on their official page, it is mentioned that there is no support for Catalina yet for audacity.

OBS is working and opening but failed to receive and extract updates.

Just after update Skype also provided updates, Logitech options for MX Master and compatible devices utility also provided updates.

It again asked for notification and permissions for every individual software at the time of running.

Other common software like visual code, Xampp (Manager OSX), sublime, Filezilla all worked fine.

What’s new and how is my experience is with it I will make another video on it.

Another thing which I recently noticed is that Mac AIr is getting hotter most of the times after this Catalina upgrade

Still no support for NTFS drives to write in those directly


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